Destination ForeverGreen

By 150ksw 10 years ago

Bentall Kennedy is happy to announce the launch of Destination ForeverGreen (DFG)!

DFG is an online sustainability platform for our tenants that builds on our ForeverGreen Engagement program. Through DFG we hope to inspire positive action and amplify our collective force. The online platform allows building occupants to connect with their co-workers and others in the building around initiatives that matter most to them and create a personalized sustainability plan to help them along their journey to a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle.

DFG is powered by an online engagement platform called WeSpire, which is uniquely designed to enable positive environmental, social and economic impact through:

o Behavioral science foundation
o Social & game mechanics
o People-centric design
o Customized content
o Active learning

Through the pioneering use of persuasive technology, the platform has been proven to drive positive behavior change for sustainability, makes it fun, and shows the direct impacts to businesses.

If you are a tenant within the building, you can sign up to DFG for free! Click here to bring your sustainability journey online. Together we can achieve ForeverGreen!